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How important is Feedback on your fitness journey?

I’d say it’s pretty damn important, but you know what? Often, this is where we fall off the path.

Sometimes its due to a lack of feedback, and sometimes it’s the wrong kind of feedback that not only sets us back, but can throw us off until the next time. That’s right, eventually there will be a next time, problem is, by then, its even more difficult to get started as our starting point is now further away from our target.

So, what can we do to make sure the feedback is the right kind of feedback?

Here are my 6 top tips.

1/ Firstly and maybe most importantly, know that your friends and family do support you, but that’s not where you should expect to get the right kind of feedback. Their job is a tough one here, they love you no matter what and will find it very difficult to give you the right kind of feedback when you need it – so rule number one, know they support and love you but don’t ask for feedback 😉

2/ Get a Coach, it is their job to give you feedback, and they can be impartial, which means you can ask for feedback and if you have the right coach and there are many great ones out there you will get just the right feedback you need, when you need it

3/ When you’re on a weight loss journey it helps to understand that your goal is to lose bodyfat not just weight and sometimes the scales won’t give you the right feedback to keep you motivated and on track. I would recommend investing in a set of scales that measure bodyfat % and there are a lot of great makes out there, we recommend the Neo Health Onyx as all you need to do is stand on them and they zap your readings directly to our app where both you and your coach have visibility and then the feedback is accurate and with accurate feedback you will know you are on track. Failing that, use a tape measure to measure waist circumference and measure in cm as this will show you at least fortnightly movement where the scales may not.

4/ Measure Effort not just time. How many of us think, hey I’ve completed 3x 60-minute workouts for the last 3 weeks, but I still can’t see any progress?? Many of us just aren’t working at the right level to see any movement as we don’t know how hard we should be working and likewise how hard we shouldn’t be working. At Concept we recommend you wear the myzone Belt/SWITCH any time you perform meaningful exercise and aim to interval between blue and yellow throughout your session. (myzone turns your heart rate into colours on your screen that help you know where you’re at) By doing this you will also aim to collect around 80/100 myzone Effort Points (MEPS) per session or 700 per week. This is super accurate feedback that ensures you are working at just the right pace to get the maximum work rate for you out of each session.

5/ Track your calories. At Concept built into our app we have a calorie counter; all you need to do is zap the bar code of the item your about to consume and the app will count for you. This helps you understand that if you have eaten less than you need over the week you will lose body fat, it’s just how the science works. Again, this is just the feedback you need to know to keep you on track.


6/ Trust the feedback and the Science. How many times have we told ourselves, this just doesn’t work for me? Its my genetics, my metabolism, my age it’s just not going to work for me. The science is really pretty simple, burn less than you consume, and you will lose weight. That is the science, usually where it goes wrong is we don’t get the right kind of feedback to know what’s working or what isn’t.

So, Trust the Science, make sure your feedback is accurate and from the right source and I guarantee you will be back on track and will stay on track.

Shout up if you need help, that’s what I do 😉

PS Thank you for letting us share your pics Louise you have done amazing in just 6 weeks😉

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