BLOG #02

The Power of Consistency

I think most of us know that to achieve anything in life we must be consistent, ultimately its kind of the main thing. Ed Sheeran didn’t just wake up one day able to write hit after hit, he put in the hours and when he first started, in his own admission …. he wasn’t even good let alone great.

To be truly great at something you need to put in the hours, and some might say a lot of hours. To be truly great at anything from hobby to job it is said you need to dedicate at least 10,000 hours of practice. Something that will take most of us at least 10 years to attain.

The best thing about your fitness journey is that you don’t need to be an expert to get great results. What you typically need is an expert to give you great advice and then you just need to be consistent.

So what gets in the way of us being consistent, typically life right? Life just gets in the way!

Well, here are my 5 top tips for stepping up to LIFE and saying hold on, this is something that is important to me and I’m doing this!!

  1. Locate your real reason Why. This real reason is the one you can keep referring to when LIFE puts its gloves on. Your real why is hidden pretty deep so spend some time locating it and when you find it make sure you can find it at ease, because you know LIFE is sneaky.
  2. Remind yourself how great you feel when you’re at your ideal weight and how you can move with ease without getting out of breath. How much more fun is LIFE generally when you can do the things you want, and you feel great about doing them
  3. Make a Plan and tell as many people as you can about it. Hold yourself accountable! Get it on FACEBOOK, you will be surprised with the amount of additional support you’ll get for doing it. That plan, by the way, factors life in and may require some sacrifice like waking early to get a workout in or skipping an episode of Corrie to prep tomorrow’s food, but hey, you are worth it right?
  4. Stop rewarding yourself for good behaviour with food!! Start to slowly change your relationship with food. Food isn’t your friend when things get tough, in fact,its more your enemy. Reward yourself with a new outfit, a trip out, a massage, or whatever floats your boat, just not FOOD 😉 …….AND
  5. Learn how to say NO. Its often too easy to say Yes and give your time to someone else who could really have coped on their own for the 45 minutes you needed to complete your workout. Use the flight attendant analogy, you need to help yourself before you can help others.

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