The plan has been carefully crafted to ensure that whether you are brand new to fitness or a seasoned pro you can work at your own pace to achieve the results you want to achieve. This system has already changed the lives of over 20,000 clients all across the UK.

The plan starts with a zoom set up call where we help you set up your nutrition plan and familiarize you with the app and all the functionality that is on hand to support you throughout your first 8 weeks.

Once you’re set its time to start posting in the group and meeting your team mates who have similar goals and will certainly be on hand for additional support throughout the challenge. Once you’re ready the next step is for you to take a before picture on your phone that you may wish to share in the group at the end of the challenge. These pictures can be a great motivator when things get a little tough. There is absolutely no obligation to share your pics but they do serve as a great way for you to look back and see how far you’ve come

We will start easy on you and over the course of your first 8 weeks as your fitness builds so will the session intensity, never too hard but always a challenge. Each week we will get together every Tuesday for a debrief, Nutritional support session.

If your goal is to lose weight expect to loose between 1/2 and 1 and 1/2 stone if you stick to the plan. If your goal is more fitness related there will be weekly challenges for you to bench mark your success. For those that want additional tone, you cant fail, all you need to do is stick to the plan 😉

The plan is worked into 8 week Challenges to help you see the woods for the trees. We break your goals and targets into bite sized 8 week chunks to show you what is possible when you put your mind to it. The payment system is a monthly membership as we know this is the most convenient method and when things go to plan we simply address your next 8 weeks goals and off you go. Payments are made at the beginning of the month and pay for the month up front, there are no lengthy cancellation terms, if you need to stop just let your Coach know and we will hopefully see you again when you need us 😉

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As soon as your payment is received successfully we will be in touch to arrange a Zoom Induction call. In this call we will support you in setting up your app and your nutrition plan. Once your all set up you can start tracking, posting in the Clubhouse and start making friends right away.


Your enthusiasm and some water 😉


Our app hosts a range of tools to support your fitness journey. Nutrition Tracker, Community Private group, Calendar, Workouts and all visible by your Head Coach to keep you motivated.


I enjoyed the sessions so much I did 4 back to back. I have now lost over 2 stone and feel like a new man. The results are great but its also about the friends I have made along the way.

Gary (Stockton)

Wow I never thought I had it in me. I was always scared of training in a group but now i wouldn’t have it any other way. The support you get from the team is great but meeting others that where going through the same as me has been the best part, I’m now onto my 3rd Challenge, wish me luck.

Jane ( Newcastle)

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