Losing weight and becoming a better version of you doesn’t have to be about a drastic calorie deficit, keto, Atkins or any other quick fix promise

Our plan is a subtle change of lifestyle.

Become more active and eat just less than your body needs and you will lose weight. Feature some resistance based exercise in your weekly routine you’ll gain muscular tone and increase your bone density, sounds simple right?


1lb of Body fat = 3,500 kc (Calories)


We break that 3,500 into daily goals of 500 and aim to ensure we consume 500 calories less than our Basal Metabolic rate (and some additional for functionality) and we then focus on burning a further 500 per day with moderate to intense exercise. Our plan aims to target a bodyfat loss of 2lbs per week. This method has been shown time and time again to show long term sustainable results without the strain on your mental health whilst following many other weight loss plans than ultimately see a yoyo effect once “normal” life is resumed.

How the plan looks for you will be absolutely personal , from your BMR numbers to your time available to exercise and of course your motivation amongst many other factors. That’s why Personal Training works, because its PERSONAL.

With myzone we translate calories into MEPS (myzone effort points) with a target of 700 per week and that’s where the real fun begins.



How your tiles may look during a Group session. A complete level playing field. There are so many ways to involve myzone in your workouts from our Boot Camp sessions to walking the dog.


How you should expect to feel when your HR meets each zone. You may be used to the RPE scale of 1-10. Myzone takes this to a new level by coloring your zones so its easy to understand and see.


During a session you will see lots of useful feedback from calories to effort %. Of most use though is how the zone colours reflect the amount of MEPS earned. Work hard and you get more MEPS its kinda that simple.

WOW, before I used myzone I was already pretty active, but now I can see my effort during my workouts I cant help but push myself just that little bit harder each time. And after just 3 weeks I’m already seeing the change. I just need to work on my nutrition now 😉


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